11 Ways To Get Money In A Hurry To Pay Big Bills That Are Due Right Now

Learn the good skills to get fast cash that work for you and your family

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  1. Family. Some family members are happy to help, and some may not be able to help but might have other suggestions for you. Don’t take it personal or react poorly if the answer is in the negative. Some people might say no at first but then will think about how to say yes. Always be polite and considerate regardless of the answer.
  2. Selling things. Do you own anything? Well, you can always list your items on Craigslist and make extra cash. Think of all the things that have value in your home and whether you can do without them. You will be surprised at how much extra space you have after you sell stuff.
  3. Recycling. This is a long-term task, but it still works for a little extra cash on the side. Make sure you have space for this and clean out your cans and bottles so they don’t attract animals or bugs.
  4. Coins. Everyone has coins around the house. Gather them up and you have enough for at least one gallon of gas, if not more. You can also redeem them at a machine in exchange for something else of value.
  5. Gift cards. There are probably five or more gift cards in your house that have value on them. Don’t let them go to waste. Find them and use them. Hopefully some of them have cash value that you can use at stores.
  6. Garage sales/yard sales. People do this all the time for good reason. It is incredibly easy and you can do it many times, within reason of course.
  7. Rich friends. If you have rich friends who like you, they might be willing to help. I have never tried this but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If they can’t help with money, maybe they have a job available.
  8. Loans. Some banks can give you loans based on your work history or credit status. You may want to seek financial guidance on this because of all of the implications of a loan, like interest and penalties.
  9. Refunds with receipts. Always keep your receipts. If you don’t like something, you might be able to return it for cash or store credit.
  10. Offer your skills. Lastly, if you have skills, like babysitting, auto repair, plumbing, or electric repair, tell your friends and family about your skills. I promise you that there are at least a million households around the world who need an affordable person to fix or repair something in their home.

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