13 Ways To Ask A Relative If You Can Move In With Them For A While

Darrin Atkins
3 min readMar 27, 2020

It’s okay to ask for help sometimes, and there are different ways to do it

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Times are tough and they’re only going to get tougher. If you could be facing eviction or foreclosure in the coming months, you might start to think about moving in with a relative.

Yes, you may not be able to stand the thought of sharing space with certain folks, especially because of what happened at the last family reunion, and you really can’t bear the idea of paying money to them for any length of time. But these are hard times and you have to do what you have to do.

I’ve been in that tough spot before myself, so I know what it’s like to live in a big city and not have enough money for the next month’s rent. I’ve felt the anxiety of knowing which week was the deadline for me to give my notice if I wanted my deposit back. It’s hard and I didn’t like it one bit.

Some people communicate directly and straight to the point, while others speak in a rather indirect manner and hope people understand the context or message of the communication and not just the words.

Here are my suggestions on how a person could ask to move into a relative’s place for a while:

  1. Hey man, I lost my job. Would it be all right if I stayed with you for a while? I’m happy to pay some type of rent.
  2. Do you need some extra security at your place for days and nights?
  3. Hey cousin, I know you have a walk-in closet downstairs. And, well, do you mind if I use it for a while during day and night?
  4. I would like to offer you some extra cash on a monthly basis in exchange for one small thing. Deal or no deal?
  5. I have a background in education/teaching, and I know that your children are doing some distance learning. And I would like to help them with school and also babysit them in the evenings while you two enjoy some well-deserved time together doing relaxing walks around the neighborhood. Sound good?
  6. I am not going to make rent this month so I kind of need another option. Do you know of anyone who could provide a space for a wonderful family member who is quiet, neat, tidy, and prompt with rent payments?
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