15 Reasons To Go Take A Hike

With little else to do, long hikes are a great idea for free family fun

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Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Given that thousands of places are closed to the public, there are precious fee places to go for fun out of the house. One of the best places for you and your family may be the nearest national park or county park.

While some parks are closed to the public because of shelter-in-place orders, there are some larger parks that are open to visitors. Take note that social distancing may be required or enforced. And keep in mind that there are may be large crowds during the busy times of the day, especially on weekends.

These are tough times for everyone. It helps to get out of the house and focus on something else, like a beautiful lake, winding trails, and wonderful smells.

Here is my list of 15 reasons why it’s a great idea to go hiking:

  • It is good exercise. Yes, you need exercise, and now you need it more than ever before. You have probably been spending way too much time sitting on a chair at home.
  • You can see and photograph birds. This is one of my favorite things to do and I do this a lot. Just check out my Twitter profile.
  • Fishing is possible. Oh, I like to fish, even more so if they are biting. Make sure you comply with local fishing rules and check to see if you need a license.
  • You get your mind off your troubles. From psychological perspective, you definitely need a break. Going on a hike may help your brain get the rest it needs to find solutions to any challenges you are facing.
  • Other families are out and about. People are social creatures so it is nice to see and say hello to others on the hiking trail, even if you an’t get too close for very long.
  • Wild animals might be rambling around. I like animals myself, so log as they are not chasing me or throwing porcupine quills my way.
  • There are wonderful views. It is so nice to be on top of a hill or on the side of a mountain and take in a great view, or take a photograph to share with others.
  • You can get fishing tips from others. It doesn’t hurt to ask fishermen or fisherwomen what bait they are using and if they are getting any bites. Hopefully they have some recommendations for you.
  • Some biking is allowed. Some trails are best suited for hikers and some can work only for bicycle riding, and then some need to be shared. Keep an eye out so nobody gets ran over.
  • There are pretty flowers. Springtime flowers are so nice. Make sure to check the rules to see if they can be picked or not.
  • Fresh air. It’s a well-known fact that fresh air is good for the body and soul so make sure you get a lot of it when and where you can.
  • Treasure hunting. It would be nice to have a little map of your trail area and put a little X on spot where you think something valuable is buried.
  • Fun trails. Some hikes may be too challenging, so ask around for some that are both easy and fun, maybe one near water with little bridges here and there.
  • Beautiful clouds. You will probably see some big wonderful clouds on your hike and they tend to move around throughout the day and change shapes.
  • Lovely lover. If you are on a hike with your significant other, try and find a little secluded spot far away from others where you can get a warm hug and a short or long kiss.

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