15 Things You Can Add To Your Schedule If You Cannot Leave Home

You need to break apart your day so you have some order and purpose

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Millions of people around the world have suddenly found themselves spending the vast majority of their time inside their houses or apartments. Society is used to regularly leaving their homes to go to school, work, or vacation. We now find ourselves forced into one place and that can get boring in a hurry.

You might want to think about how you are going to fill up your day. After all, you have extra hours each week because you are not spending that time commuting.

Here are my suggestions for ways to break apart your day with different things to do, and hopefully some of these will work for you and your family. If you work from home, make sure you do your full shift and maybe not partake of some of these activities unless you can do it outside of work hours.

  1. Make coffee and breakfast. Yes, a lot of people don’t normally do this because they have to leave the house so early for purposes of drop-off to school or daycare, and then onward to work.
  2. Do some yoga. This is a great activity that is loved by men and women, and it is easy to do. You might be able to find an online group for real-time video yoga instruction.
  3. Lift weights or exercise. Yes, this is really important to remember to do. Find specific times in your day when you can lift weights, do running, or some other form of exercise. Remember to do social distancing if you get close to others.
  4. Read one chapter of a book. You don’t have to go into overdrive with your driving. Try and pace yourself to one chapter at a time. That way you will still have time for other things.
  5. Gardening. There is always work to do in a garden, from working on roses, to weeding, to finding space for new plants.
  6. Deep cleaning. A lot of people are doing plenty of scrubbing and disinfecting around the house these days, for good reason.
  7. Get rid of excess stuff. I bet that you can find a dozen things around your place that you don’t want or need any more.
  8. Frame pictures. Surely you must have some frames and old pictures that need to go together. Take the time to do it and you will enjoy the results.
  9. Clean out the fridge of freezer. Your new fresh food would sure like some space in your refrigerator, so find some old items that have expired.
  10. Maximize space. Do you have round objects in square spaces, and vice versa? Well, you should take a look at how your belongings are organized at your place.
  11. Organize and label. Beyond the space issue, you might also label the boxes and bins around your living area. It’s time to stop guessing at what is in this box or that.
  12. Re-purpose old clothes. There are so many ways you can re-use old clothes that are out of fashion or lacking in bright colors. You can make short pants out of old jeans. You can cut off sleeves on a shirt and use the rest like a vest.
  13. Create activity spaces. Set aside specific areas in your home for certain tasks. For example, you can make a crafts table and do fun do-it-yourself things with the whole family.
  14. Use garage space. A lot of families have extra space in their garage on their walls. You might as well find a way to hang things there, such as tools or bicycles.
  15. Vacuum and clean your vehicles. This should be done on a regular basis, but if it hasn’t happened in a while then you better get started.

These are just a few ideas to fill up your free time, but make sure you are still keeping you career and employment a high priority. I have heard that working from home is even harder than being at the office, because people often suspect that those at home are not really working. So make sure you do your free time tasks on your own time.

We may be spending a lot of extra time at home but that does not mean we cannot be productive with our evenings and weekends if we work from home during the day. It is good to maximize this extra time and really do productive things at our residences.

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