17 Fun and Creative Ways For You and Your Family To Save Money And Cut Expenses Every Month Of The Year

Have a good time saving money and making a game out of it every day

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  1. Play “find the cash in the house” game. If you have kids and want them to help you save money, have them try to find money around the house or inside cars or trucks. There is always spare coins all over the place and they can have a great time doing this.
  2. Cut the most coupons. Everyone in the household can look for and cut out coupons. You don’t have to use them all, of course, and you shouldn’t buy some things just because they’re on sale. But sometimes you can save big money with coupons, or at the minimum you can reduce your grocery shopping expenses.
  3. Do a treasure hunt outside. Always be on the lookout for coins and other money that is lost outside or just on the sidewalk. You never know if you can find some extra cash that needs a home.
  4. Find grocery stores that double coupons. What is better than a grocery store that accepts coupons? Well, the answer is a grocery store that doubles the coupon value. Some stores still do this. Call up your local grocery stores and find out.
  5. Free sample adventures. There are stores that give out free samples. Find them and keep track of when they offer the samples.
  6. Ask relatives for gift cards. Family members don’t like to be asked for money, but some don’t mind giving up their gift cards that have tiny amounts of value.
  7. Don’t turn on the AC! Resist the urge to turn on the air conditioner in your house, unless medically necessary. You can always find a paper fan or drink some iced water to cool down.
  8. Bread and butter, toast and jam. I confess that some of my favorite foods are buttered toast or bread with jam. Seriously, I could eat these every day if I could.
  9. Do It Yourself (DIY). Why pay for this or that when you can do it yourself and save money? There are millions of videos and articles about DIY projects. Plus, they can be fun.
  10. Crafts. You can make all kinds of interesting, memorable things from simple crafts. There is so much fun in doing this.
  11. Can I do without? Sacrifices have to be made sometimes, but you don’t have to give up everything. Play a game out of asking each other which things you can do without. Can I do without expensive candy? Yes, indeed, I can do without it.
  12. Sports games for free. Did you know that some baseball stadiums have sections that are free admission? It may be only an outfield section and the restriction may be for three innings, but I’ve experienced this before and I love the prize of admission of zero.
  13. Re-use those old clothes. A lot of clothes can be re-purposed into something wonderful. Check out videos online to show you how to do it.
  14. Smile adventures. Get out the digital camera and set up your room like your on a vacation somewhere. Share the people and see if it looks real.
  15. Free books. So many places have free books. Just call up your library and read your local newspaper.
  16. Homemade Halloween costumes. Do not spend your hard-earned money on a new Halloween costume in October when you can have great fun making it yourself. You can have a great time doing this with your children.

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