17 Ways To Fight Fear

Don’t let it control your life

With all of the changes around the world, it makes sense that there is a palpable fear being experienced by millions of people. Sudden job losses, stock market declines, and restrictions on movements have battered any sense of security we used to have.

Fear has become a fog that slowly spreads until it affects your safety and vision. Then it seems to be everywhere at once, with no chance of escape.

There are many types of fear. I read about fear of eviction or foreclosure, of running out of money or credit, of lack of food or necessities. I sense fear of the unknown, of being sick or weak, of losing loved ones.

We can fight the fear by:

  1. Understanding why it’s coming
  2. Figuring out solutions
  3. Countering it with strength
  4. Remaining positive
  5. Leaning on others
  6. Embracing the power of our religions
  7. Talking about our fears
  8. Loving each other
  9. Controlling what we can
  10. Being productive
  11. Making backup plans
  12. Researching new answers that help
  13. Thinking new powerful thoughts
  14. Empowering our hopes
  15. Listening to our confidence
  16. Believing in resilience
  17. Trusting in our abilities

Fear often grows when there is a perceived lack of control over our lives and circumstances. That control is what helps us go to work, earn money, and support our families. When those things go away while expenses keep coming, thoughts of worry and doubt creep inside the mind. How will we survive?

If fear has overwhelmed you or a family member, please pick up the phone and call a free counseling service. Do not do anything you will regret later on.

Stay strong and keep believing in the value of yourself, and know that one day these bad times will fade away. The world will recover from this turmoil soon enough, but in the meantime we have to fight fear will all of our strength.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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