18 Productive Things To Do At Home While Your Work Has Stopped Or The Kids’ School Has Closed For A While

Keep busy, stay on top of things, and use your time wisely and productively

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  1. Keep the kids busy and challenged. If you are home with children, make sure you have a schedule for them so they don’t get lazy. Make sure you have different subjects and breaks for recreation and eating.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile. Yes, this is important to do. In addition to job hunting and career services, LinkedIn is great for networking.
  3. Find ways to make side money. Use your time to think of extra ways to make money, like doing surveys online or ways to get points.
  4. Do home repairs. Yes, since you’re not spending all that time commuting, you might as well catch up on doing the home repair projects.
  5. Visit your neighbors. Your next door neighbors seem nice and friendly but be honest that you don’t remember their names. Go and say hello when you can.
  6. Do spring cleaning. It is high time you organized those cupboards. You might find more jars of tomato sauce that you can never locate.
  7. Have a garage sale. You might as well do this, make some money, and get ride of all kinds of junk, or stuff as you call it.
  8. Wash the cars and trucks. Those vehicles in your driveway are not going to wash themselves and no you can’t wait for the rain to clean them.
  9. Iron your clothes. Do you have an iron and nice clothes but they have never met each other? Introduce them and show them how an iron can make your blouse look brand new.
  10. Improve your skills and knowledge. Yes, being at home with free time should be enough to push you to learn new software.
  11. Find ways to save money on your bills. So you’re paying how much for that? I think you can do better than whatever it is you are paying.
  12. Go to the local park. So many parks are begging you to visit. Some even have tennis or basketball courts, playgrounds, or baseball diamonds.
  13. Visit the dentist. You might as well get it done now while you can.
  14. Do the taxes. I know this sounds unbearable and that the stress of it seems to keep you awake at night. Just get it done.
  15. Vacuum and dust around the house. There is always a good time to do this as dust and cobwebs seem to multiply on a regular basis.
  16. Pay attention to your spouse or lover. A lot of relationships go sour because one person or the other feels neglected and thinks they are regarded as a robot that will always do this chore forever. Stop and give some extra special love to the one who sleeps with you.
  17. Cook wonderful food. Didn’t you use to enjoy cooking? I sure did and I used to imagine cooking lasagna, a cake, or some special chicken salad. I think I will start doing this again because eating out is way too expensive.
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Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash

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