18 Urgent Ways To Save Money Today And How To Do That Again

Easy tips to increase income and reduce costs to help you survive the tough times that might find you and your family

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Budgeting is one of the hardest things in the world. But it has to be done. The saver in the household can often end up looking like the bad guy, when there are financial needs that become more important than wants or desires.

A lot of families are struggling when it comes to money and expenses. Prices keep going up while expenses remain stagnant. Hopefully you have at least one person in your household who is very diligent about the challenging task about saving money and cutting costs. It is even better if there are two people who like to do this.

A recession could happen in the future and that would mean big trouble. Jobs could be lost, unemployment might increase, and making money would become a lot harder. It has been a long time since the world has experienced a financial crisis or worldwide problem, but it appears to be happening now.

What things can you do right now, today, to help your budget? There are plenty of ideas. The hard part can be the process of doing these objectives and feeling good about it.

Here are some of my suggestions.

  1. Achieve a goal of not spending money today. One idea is to try to go a full day without spending money. Yes, a full day. You can certainly do this on a Saturday if you try. Just stay home and have a fun day jogging or playing at the park.
  2. Gather extra cash today and horde it. Have a little fun and look for money under seats or in the house somewhere. Then put it in a jar for emergencies.
  3. Sell at lease one thing today. You have so many things that surely you have one or more things you can sell to make cash. Go and find five things today that you want to sell and list the first one right away.
  4. Win money today. This is not easy, but every day people win cash or gift cards. They win at their office, at the gym, and at many other places. Enter your name and try to win.
  5. Get a contribution. Do you want yourself or your kids to win a scholarship but there is a small fee? I’m sure there is a parent or grandparent who is willing to pay that fee for you.
  6. Sign up a sponsor today. If you like supporting a charity, find a friend or family member who will sponsor you and give to the cause. You will not keep the money yourself, but it is for a good cause.
  7. Start now on future money. Passive income is a big deal. Try and figure out ways that you can get regular income, like with savings interest, cash back, points, or stock dividends.
  8. Realize future savings today. A home loan can be refinanced. If you find a lower-cost loan, it might make sense to get a new loan to replace the original loan so you can save money on your mortgage and interest.
  9. Start your personal side business and get your first client. A business needs to have its first client. That is also true for a hobby that can lead to a business. If you love gardening and want to make money by doing it, go and sign up your first client today. Go and do it.
  10. Be referring and get commissions. A lot of businesses need sales and income from new memberships. If you are good at referring people and these referrals lead to money for a business, make sure you are getting commissions.
  11. Find others who are getting extra side money. Do you know that some birds will watch and learn how other birds find food? If you see people doing really well at some activity or business, you might consider doing it yourself. Learn from them.
  12. Help others succeed. You can help others succeed and sometimes that can come back to help you. A lot of people remember the kindness and efforts that others made on your behalf, and they might return the favor later on. Keep in touch with them.
  13. Cut specific costs and count the future savings. Maybe you have been thinking about canceling the landline telephone number. Calculate how much you would pay by keeping it. And then if you decide to cancel it, you are really preventing those future expenses from happening.
  14. Thrift store treasures. Thrift stores are a great place to find valuable items at low prices. A lot of people re-sell their thrift store purchases at higher prices to make a profit.
  15. Stock up on discount days. Stores often have sales where they are trying to sell things to make space for new stock. If it is a good deal and something you regularly purchase, make sure you get those good prices when you can.
  16. Resist unnecessary expenses. Sometimes you might get a suggestion that you should buy this thing or replace this thing because it should have been replaced a long time ago. Show your resistance and avoid it, unless it is absolutely necessary of course.
  17. Hobby stores. If you enjoy crafts and hobbies like I do, you could spend all day in a hobby store. Plus, for a few dollars you can get materials for fun craft adventures or imaginative gift making.
  18. Dollar stores. Yes, dollar stores can be a place to save money. Some of these businesses even have great deals that you will not find elsewhere, and the price is great. Give them a try and you might find some wonderful treasures for a buck.

These are just a few ways to save money and reduce costs. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page or else there could be bitterness and resentment. Now is the time to really look at your spending patterns and ways to save money.

It can be a fun challenge to save lots of money. There are many ways you can do it and you can compete with others or try to find creative ways to save. The world can be scary sometimes, but you can conquer that fear but knowing that you and your family can find ways to be financially secure.

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