19 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store Every Week

Buying Groceries Should Be Enjoyable but High Costs for Food Changes Things Sometimes

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

We all shop for groceries. Of course, we have to eat so we have to shop for food and groceries.

Is there any way to save money and cut costs when you go grocery shopping? I think so.

Here are my suggestions when it comes to buying food and groceries.

  1. Find an affordable grocery store. This is crucial. You have to find a grocery store that has good prices on everything, not just on a few items. I put this at the top of this list for a reason because it’s so important.
  2. Use coupons. Don’t go all crazy with coupons where you buy things you don’t need. Just get in the habit of everyone in the household clipping coupons and hopefully you can find good items in sale.
  3. Find the special sales. Most stores advertise certain sales throughout the year so take advantage of those.
  4. Look for day old bread on sale. I see this quite a bit where I shop. There is usually a section with bread that is not as fresh as the new bread.
  5. Search for bulk vegetables. I hope you but plenty of vegetables because they are healthy and affordable. Often they have discounts if you but in larger quantities
  6. Consider soup and broth. I love soup so much, especially soup where I add in extra chopped vegetables. Soup and broth are very affordable.
  7. Find discounted meat. You can often find meat on sale. Just check the prices to find the sale items.
  8. Pasta. Okay, I really loved spaghetti and I could eat it a hundred times a year. It is easy on the wallet too.
  9. Dented cans? Some stores sell low-cost items where the packaging is bent or damaged. Just ask the staff.
  10. Frozen foods. A lot of frozen items are affordable and delicious. Look for sales in the frozen food aisle.
  11. Cereal. I know what people say about cereal and I know I’m an adult now, but I love it. Everything in moderation. A lot of cereals are affordable, especially those in bulk sizes.
  12. Carrots and celery. These are some of my favorite vegetables because they’re so cheap and so filling for my stomach.
  13. Potatoes. I like potatoes so much because you can do so many things with them. You can bake them and try them, and they taste great.
  14. Shelf location. Did you know that stores sometimes place discounted items on the lower shelves, so look for that.
  15. Bread. I love toast and I like sandwiches. You can do so much with bread.
  16. Wine. Okay, good wine is going to cost a little bit. But sometimes there are wine sales where you can find some great bargains on good wine.
  17. Rice. When I was young we had white rice quite often because it was affordable and we didn’t have much money. So I learned to love white rice with butter and pepper. I wish I had it more often these days, as when I think about it I think about happy times with a big bowl of rice
  18. Counting and budgeting. Have a budget when you get to the store and count the costs when you add things to the cart.
  19. Read your receipts. I can’t emphasize this enough that reading your receipts is important. You can find mistakes if you were charged too much. Reading receipts can help you stay focused on saving money every week at the grocery store.
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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

I hope you can use some of these suggestions. Let us work together and help each other save money while at the same time find healthy, quality food for our family.

One last tip is try to avoid too many processed foods. Read the labels carefully. Try to find items low in sugar and salt.

We are a team. Find friends and family who can help with this process of saving money on food and groceries.

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