26 Tips To Get Money Or Save Money And Reasons Why You Need to Start Right Now, Pronto, In A Hurry

One good suggestion for every other week of the year

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  1. Don’t spend money. Literally, I recommend that you go as many days as possible without spending money or using your credit cards.
  2. Sell your excess stuff. You need to sell things now that you can get money for, that people will still buy while they have cash.
  3. Don’t go on expensive vacations. Seriously, do fun local stay-cations as much as possible, or just cancel your vacations. Who likes big crowds anyway?
  4. Do Garage Sales or Yard Sales. Yes, people still do this and they get money. You need to do it too right away.
  5. Use coupons. I don’t mean every once in a while. I mean all the time, every chance you get, in every possible scenario.
  6. Read books. You can learn a lot from books and you can get them for free at the library. Go back to reading.
  7. Stop risky investments. Are you still dreaming about big money coming in from those derivative investments? I’m not sure what to say if you are.
  8. Don’t buy new clothes. Wait, how often do you need new shirts, belts, or shoes? It’s time to tighten the belt, not replace it.
  9. Expensive coffee. Yeah, you don’t need a double-decaf-expresso any more. Maybe that’s not a real thing, but you don’t need it. Have you been buying that every day for a thousand dollars a year?
  10. Discounts. Yes, you can get discounts on most everything. You just have to ask and if the answer is no then you can do without it.
  11. Fancy cell phone. Okay, yes, a lot of people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a phone that takes pictures and runs apps, like a similar phone that you can get for one hundred.
  12. Gas and electricity. You have got to stop touching the home thermostat. Seriously, unless it is medically necessary, you can survive on a normal room temperature. I know you can.
  13. Restaurants. I get it, going out to eat is nice and helps support the local economy and employees. But I think you can make your kitchen look like a little restaurant. Give it a try.
  14. Mortgage or rent. If this is taking up a ton of your money, you need to stop this in a hurry. Look around and be creative. If you lose your job, then what? Well, others will be losing theirs too. Unemployment money will not go very far.
  15. Water. Try drinking more water instead of expensive drinks. Add ice to water, or lemon slices, or lime or orange, or crushed ice or anything you can think of. Drink more water any way you can, but not too much because that is not safe.
  16. Shoes. Do you have lots of nice shoes that you don’t need? It’s okay to say yes. Clean them up and start selling them.
  17. Landlines. You should not have this any more because you don’t need it.
  18. Cable or satellite TV. Come on now, they have free television channels over the air with great free news, game shows, and sports. Why would you pay for hundreds of channels you never watch?
  19. Free food. Do your other family members love to cook and want you around? You need to accept their invitations more often, as in every single time.
  20. Expensive gas. Do you really need that expensive gas for your car because you don’t want to drive to the cheapest petrol station? Get real.
  21. Fancy boxed food. I say that food that comes in a box is probably not super healthy, but that is just my opinion. Find healthy vegetables.
  22. Fruits and veggies. Speaking of healthy alternatives, my favorite vegetable is the green bell pepper and those nice red, orange, and yellow sweet peppers. Seriously, I could eat quite a lot of those every day. Find your favorites.
  23. Expensive stuff you only use once. You have to force yourself to not buy an expensive this or that just because you want the best for whomever. Come on, you don’t have to buy it ad they don’t need it.
  24. Prevention. Yes, you might have heard about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Brush and floss your teeth more than have been doing.
  25. Love. Remember that having a happy home life is one of the best things for your health and your happiness. Keep the love alive.

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