7 Easy Tips To Start Living A Spartan Lifestyle And Loving It Every Day

You don’t need that much to have a good, productive, and wonderful life

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Middle class living has changed a lot since fifty years ago. Now we have fancy full-size SUVs that are roomy comfortable, we have technology gadgets all around us, and we have food or groceries that can be ordered by an app.

A lot of these items that we have in our lives cost money and when we spend our hard-earned paychecks the money is gone but we often feel a void. It seems strange that we feel so wealthy but be value so little.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but I say the more we buy, the less we love the things we own. Each new additional thing or service in our life does not really improve our lives, and all it does is take away our savings.

Maybe we need to get back to a simpler life, one where we are not so reliant on this app or this convenience in order to be fulfilled. We can do better than some of us are doing now, where the news shows people worried about small things that others are hoarding.

I say that some or all of us need to live the Spartan lifestyle, which is a life with fewer or zero conveniences that make us lazy and wimpy.

Here are my ideas for tips on how to start the Spartan lifestyle but still be able to achieve in society and be successful:

  • Buy less stuff. You may not need so many new outfits, fancy cars, and wonderful gifts of this thing or that thing. Remember that less is often more when the items are special or memorable.
  • Focus on experiences. Think of happy times in your life and they were probably about things that you did with others, and not about objects or tech gadgets.
  • Possess fewer items. Is your home cluttered with too many of this or that? It burdens the mind when there is too much in the way and not enough space.
  • Live smaller. You may not need that big mansion or over-sized apartment. Yes, it may be comfy and cozy, but you don’t have to have it for survival.
  • Basic foods. We don’t need the most exotic food stuffs in order to thrive in life. Clean out your cupboards and get rid of the excess or things you don’t care for.
  • Simplify. Do your attempts at getting ahead complicate your life? If so, you may be trying to do too much. Go back to the basics if you can.
  • Test yourself. Can you make it on your own if suddenly you had no cash or credit? You don’t have to literally attempt this. The point is more of determining what specific steps you would take to get on your feet again.

This style of living may or may not be right for you, and you probably shouldn’t rush out and make big changes right away. Talk to your partner and family members and see how you can simplify your life so that you are in control again. It is our world and maybe some of us need to toughen up and show our strengths. This could be the best time to give it a try.

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