7 Keys for Financial Success for Your Side Hustle or Side Gig

You need to treat your side income like a full-time job if you want to make significant money

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Millions of people around the world are doing side hustles or side gigs to supplement their income to make ends meet. Other people are doing side hustles because they lost their job, to keep busy, or because it’s what they love to do.

Whatever the reason, a side hustle is becoming more popular by the minute. You are likely to hear everyone talking about the gig economy and what they’re doing to earn money, outside if their job or work.

Here are some of my tips so that you can be successful in a side hustle or side gig. These are my seven keys to success in this area, and please share this article if it helps. We will not have low unemployment forever so do your best to get started on your side gig so it can be ready when you need it most.

Although I classify the following list as my seven keys to success, these items double as suggestions too. I am writing these down in this format as a reminder to myself so I can do some of these myself.

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  1. Sports stuff. I know, you think there’s no way you can have a side gig and make money regarding sports stuff. I say you can and here’s how. Let’s say you have a favorite sports team but you don’t have a hat or jersey or anything else. So your cousin decides to buy that gear for cheap at garage sales and thrift stores and sell it for profit. I think I’m going to do that. Most people are passionate about their sports teams and want more stuff that has their team logo.
  2. Babysitting. You would not believe are very much in need people are for babysitting services. In fact, if people just offered others their services then they would likely be accepted
  3. Housesitting and gardening. These are chores people often pay for on a regular basis. You could get paid to do this too.
  4. Writing. Well, this is a tricky one. You better have a lot of passion for writing and a lot of skill too. It’s not easy to make money as a writer.
  5. Cleaning. Lots of people love to clean and are good at it.
  6. Shopping. A lot of people don’t like shopping, while others love it.
  7. Cooking. Some love to cook and some don’t like it at all. You could make money doing this.

These are my keys to myself to remind me of little ways to make money as a side gig, and maybe it’s also a reminder to my relatives on ways they can make money. Hint, hint.

There are a bunch of little things I would pay my cousins to do. The first one is to fix the flat tires on our bicycles. I have the patch kits. I can do it myself or pay someone else. That’s how side hustles work.

There are lots of other side gigs and lots of other advice about them in the internet. Best of luck.

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