8 Easy Ways To Help Bring Good Luck And Fortune To Your Household All Year Long

Simple tips to try to open the pathways of prosperity

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If you want wealth and fortune in your life, you need to work at it. You can’t expect success and prosperity to fall into your lap.

But how do you help wealth and success come your way? There are no guarantees on this subject, to be sure, but I believe that there are things you can do to help.

There’s an old saying that the Lord helps those who help themselves. That sounds simple enough. You may not believe it to be true, but putting effort into the equation is often a good thing.

Here are my thoughts about how you can help good luck find you and bless you with some amount of fortune:

  1. Enter contests to win. If there are free contests that you can enter for free, I say enter as many as possible. You have to be in it to win it, of course, so go ahead and enter the contests.
  2. Participate in a game of chance. Yes, once in a while is okay. A lot of people are against gambling as it can be hard to stop, and they have a good point. Moderation is very important when it comes to things like lotteries.
  3. Open up airflows. I believe that open airways at home are important for good fortune to find a way inside. Don’t block walking areas or living spaces.
  4. Look for opportunities. It is hard work like a job to find good fortune, extra money, or little ways to win. You have to keep trying because numbers matter, in terms of how many times per year that you make the efforts.
  5. Let go of unfortunate events. Don’t let past troubles or experiences prevent you from receiving future good luck or fortune. Accept that they happened, learn from them, and close that chapter.
  6. Clean out the cobwebs. There are real cobwebs and those in your heart and mind. They need to be cleaned up and removed. Don’t let them clog up your future successes.
  7. Discard or recycle broken items. I say that broken items are unlucky and that you should either fix them or donate them. Don’t let these unfixed items become a stressor.
  8. Celebrate your fortunes. When you receive prosperity, good fortune, or positive things, make sure you acknowledge them and celebrate them. You don’t have to tell others about them, but just appreciate them in your own way.

There is no way to know if using these tips and suggestions really do bring luck and prosperity your way. I try to remember them on a regular basis in my life and I try to use them. They help me be aware of my efforts at trying to find good luck and fortune.

There is another saying about how the rain falls in the just and the unjust. This means that good luck sometimes happens to some types of people and other types of people. But I say you can do things to help more prosperity come your way.

Try and have the mindset of wanting good luck and prosperity to find you. Make it easy for that to happen. Then later on you can tally up the specific events that happened to you that you consider to be lucky or fortunate. I bet you will count a lot.

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