8 Fun Things To Do On LinkedIn That Could Be Quite Helpful For Success

Yes, you can have fun and help your career at the same time and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t

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LinkedIn is one the best destinations on the internet because it is so important to careers, job hunting, and business networking. People create their online resumes on LinkedIn and go beyond that with meeting others, developing sales leads, learning about business trends, building valuable connections, and becoming successful.

There are many important things that people do on LinkedIn. They build their online profiles that show their experience and network. They list their skills and computer software experience. And they proudly display their college background and degrees.

In these times of hardship and financial turmoil, people are turning to LinkedIn more than ever. If you are there too, make sure to have a little fun in addition to the important work that you do on the site and app.

  • Find a local group. Do a LinkedIn search for local business networking meetings or groups in your area or city. This can help you meet local people.
  • Look up people in your city. You might have next door neighbors who are in your field, or they may work a few blocks away and you see them on a regular basis.
  • Meet people around the world. Did you know that LinkedIn is popular around the world? If you meet people you like in another country, you can chat with them and learn about their country and culture.
  • Post a status update. Yes, LinkedIn lets people post updates. You can post something fun but try to keep it professional. People also like to read about what others are going through and how they are overcoming their challenges.
  • Learn about businesses. I love learning what big companies are doing and then seeing their posts. If you like certain companies, make sure you follow them.
  • Join alumni groups. If you graduated form high school or college, your school probably has a LinkedIn alumni group. Check out old friends and do lots of networking with them.
  • Build up your connections and followers. Yes, some people network with strangers because they find them interesting. Make sure you stay safe and keep things professional.
  • Look for jobs and careers. That’s what this site is all about and looking for work should be fun, at least some of the time. There are millions of people who love their careers and industries and they get excited about future opportunities. You can do this too. It doesn’t have t be super serious all the time so try and have a good time when you can.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help improve your job prospects and future income possibilities. Make sure you do other things besides LinkedIn to help maximize success. Now is the time to put all your energy into everything you can think of to build your network and increase your chances of success.

The world may be turmoil but you don’t have to let that crush you. Stay strong and be a go-getter. You can still be successful if you try, give it your best efforts, and stay positive.

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