9 Easy Ways To Promote Your Career And Improve Prospects While You’re Home During Isolation Or Lockdown

Don’t let being away from work or colleagues affect your career trajectory

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  1. Respond to emails and messages. Either by phone, email,or chat, you need to keep up on good customer service.
  2. Micro-blogging. If you have a micro-blog like Twitter, you need to keep doing it. Don’t stop it altogether.
  3. Advertising. You might consider shifting a lot of your ads to go online. It’s a fact that hundreds of millions of people will be spending a lot more time than usual on their computers, tablets, and phones.
  4. LinkedIn. This site is one of the biggest and most popular in the world, and for good reason. You have got to keep networking now more than ever, and keep updating your business profile too if you have one.
  5. Client servicing. If you have clients, a lot of them are really going to want their projects finished. Everything is going to crucial and time-sensitive all at once, so try and stay on top of things as much as you can.
  6. Email subscriber lists. A lot of businesses, small business owners, or content producers use these to build up their subscriber list. Check into the process for creating one for yourself or your company.
  7. Videos. Millions of people create video content and use videos on Youtube or other video services to showcase their work and it often helps bring in new clients.
  8. Photos. While you may not be able to drive around taking photos of locations or destinations for your business, you might be able to find them free online. Make sure to give proper credit as needed or required.

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