Darrin Atkins

Just now

Strong, true and brave, indeed

Photo by Elyas Pasban on Unsplash

It ain’t easy

You know

To determine

Friend or foe

But woman warrior

True and strong

Will keep up the fight

All the day long

It ain’t easy

To make it in life

Problems galore

Emotions and strife

But woman warrior

Keeps the job done



6 days ago

Be strong and confident every day

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Keep on moving

Onward and upward

Stay focused on your goals

Be confident

Believe in yourself and

Never give up

Keep pressing on

Toward your goals

And work hard every day

Every moment

Of your night and day

Remind yourself

Of who are you



Darrin Atkins

Darrin Atkins

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