A Few Funny Headline Ideas For Future Articles

Darrin Atkins
2 min readJan 7, 2021

I wonder if these headline ideas could work for an article or story

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I often think about how important a headline is for an online story. You can find all kinds of advice on this topic. Most of the guidance seems to suggest that headlines can be very helpful indeed, so long as they are appropriate and not too outrageous.

I don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about the headlines for my articles on the internet. I know I should do so, but it takes so much work.

I wonder if these headlines might be of some use for me one day.

  • Four Forks Found On Friday Help Family Find Fellowship
  • Man With Beard Buys Beer At Pier
  • Hiccuping Horatio Helps Hornet In A Hurry
  • Bulldozer Driver Dozing Downtown Denies Doing Donuts
  • Bowling Betty Bitten By Bug
  • Drunk Skunk Punked By Hunk
  • Lady Lost Lucky Linoleum
  • Soprano Singer Mistaken For Soprano Actress At Baritone Bar
  • Bank Account Overdrawn By Underage Overachiever
  • Cookie Crumbs Horse Wins Last Race At First Annual Mudder Race Track
  • Hellish Embellishment By Ted Todd Townes At Reddish Tavern
  • Murder Witness Lost Glasses At Glass’s Hashish Mash
  • Donkey Kong Fan Fuels Mistaken Mule Marathon Mixup
  • Serenading Sandy Says Sandi Stole Slip ’N Slide
  • Hot Henry Helps Self To Prep H
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Okay, yes, I don’t really know if I will use any of these ideas for story headlines. I guess I could if I wanted to do so. Don’t tempt me.

I like big bold interesting titles for stories and articles. Headlines can be a lot of fun, and they can also help inside inspire you to write if a headline is all you have as a starting point.

Headlines can be tricky too. But if you can think of a good one, maybe use it sometime and see if it helps pull in more readers to your work. Just please don’t go crazy and write headlines that have nothing to do with your writing.



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