A Few Words is All You Need For A Powerful Medium Story

Darrin Atkins
3 min readJan 9, 2024

Inspiring hints are hiding right in front of us

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

The other day I was thinking and wondering. Then I went for a walk. After that, it was time for coffee.

Before I knew what happened, half of the day was gone and I wasn’t closer to finding a solution to an ongoing writing project.

“Maybe it’s not going to work out this time," I said.

This is not my first rodeo, I thought in response to something somebody said to me a day earlier. What do they know?

But in reality, I was in denial. It actually is my first rodeo, as the saying goes, because I always find myself with a blank piece of paper or an empty screen.

A new piece of written content always starts at zero, at nothing, at a big emptiness that is asking to be filled.

New Inspiration

Getting inspired about a potential writing topic can happen out of nowhere, often when it is least expected.

Here are some possibilities:

  • A comment by a fellow commuter
  • New words in the tech industry
  • An interesting outfit or winter cap
  • A witty retort
  • A cool social-cultural convention



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