Are Inverse ETF Or Derivative Stock Funds Ruining Your Relationship?

Take steps now to improving your life before it’s too late

The stock market is having one of the worst weeks in modern history. There have been massive losses of value all over the place.

There could be a lot more financial carnage on the way. We don’t know when things will stop being so bad in the stock market, just like how we didn’t know if or when the bull market would end.

There are millions of individual investors who have been picking their own investments. After all, a lot of stocks and funds seemed to be going only in the direction of up, up, up.

Beyond the picking if individual stocks, some have ventured into the world of inverse funds or complex derivatives.

Why would anyone invest in those choices?

  • The chance for big profits
  • A big rush
  • The thrill of the challenge

I can understand a little bit about the profit angle. Imagine an inverse find that increases in value when the stock market goes down. A lot of people would like to realize some quick profits.

Others do short selling when they believe some stocks are overvalued. It is not hard to find news about which short sellers are shorting the stock of specific businesses or companies.

If you think you have a problem regarding shirt selling or using inverse funds, make sure you seek professional help. A lot of people don’t understand complex stock funds and they end up getting financially ruined.

It is a rough road trying to stop investing in inverse funds, to be sure. People see the chance of making a hundred times their investment if the market moves this way or that.

How can these investments ruin your life or future?

  • You might lose a lot of money
  • Loss of sleep
  • Nervousness and worry
  • Big debts could happen
  • Wrong-way bets could be hard to exit
  • You could be forced by a broker into a margin call where you have to sell other assets to raise cash

How can they ruin your relationships?

  • Bad losses could end your marriage
  • Your lover could leave you
  • It might take years or decades to repair the financial damage
  • You could cause emotional harm to others

Think now if inverse WTF funds, margin bets, or complex derivatives are right for you and your family. Remember that sometimes bad things can happen and you might regret your actions.

Be safe and cautious with your money. Increase your savings and capital. Decrease your debts and obligations.

We will get through these dark times together if we help each other and support one another. Be kind as much as possible and spread good cheer

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