Are Things Going To Get Better Or Worse From Here?

Steps to take if you think things are going to go straight downhill

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Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash
  1. Share a home. If you have family members that you like, and they like you, consider sharing a big place and splitting the expenses. It may not be the best idea but at least you know them. If it helps, you can make specific rules about quiet times and kitchen rules.
  2. Live in an RV or camper. This is not the easiest of lifestyles but some people make it work because they have to. Your city or another city close by may be making it easier for people to do this. Explore your options.
  3. Move to the cheapest city or state you can find. Always remember that there are cities and towns that really need people and want properties occupied. Think about it. You might say you don’t like the weather in that one place or don’t like the cold snow in that other location, but you might consider it if you knew of the super low cost of living there.
  4. Conquer fear. A lot of people let fear destroy them because they let their imagination be filled with negative scenarios. Remind yourself that there are lots of options in life and that you have different choices and paths.

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