Are You Closing Career Doors That You Should Be Opening?

Be open-minded to new job opportunities and don’t be closed-minded about future work

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Life can go in a lot of different directions. Even once you decide on a career path, you have lots of additional choices to make.

Some people like to stay at the same company forever. That’s fine because they are able to learn so much and get promoted.

Other people want the adventures and challenges that come with new jobs at different companies. That takes great courage and strength.

There are even other types of workers that slowly build their way into new roles, new careers, and new lives. If you are wondering if you might be closing doors before you get to them, think if these things and how you react to them emotionally:

  • Do you hear about promotions but don’t try to get them?
  • Do you keep quiet as a mouse?
  • Have you stopped asking about benefits, pay raises, or anything at all?
  • Does extra work outside of your expertise frighten you?
  • Do you get in a panic at the very thought of losing your job?

Job security or insecurity is one of the most important things that people experience on a daily basis. It is not something to be taken lightly.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

(Artist-creator: unknown)

Career opportunities can be fleeting. They might be here in the morning and gone by lunchtime. You may have to chase after them.

Here are some ideas about the opening of career doors and the closing of the same:

  • Ask yourself if you’re willing to learn new skills
  • Go and learn the new skills
  • Ask yourself if you can create new sales
  • Go and find new sales and sign them up
  • Ask if you are willing to do the hard work that nobody likes
  • Go and do that work

Keep working hard, showing up on time, and bring a great employee. Be open-minded when there is talk about changing of roles or merging of responsibilities. Do whatever it takes to keep your career in motion and your employment career on track.

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