Are You Easy To Grow Like Basil And Cilantro?

Career tips and advice in these challenging times and for the post-pandemic future environment of business, jobs, and employment opportunities

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It’s getting harder and harder to make it these days. With unemployment going up and ways to make money going down, there seems to be no end in sight for bad news.

That does not mean that it is okay to give up. We were all given the precious gift of life and we need to make sure we use our skills and experience to keep on with our lives, no matter the challenges we face.

Think of yourself as a plant in the garden. Some plants are easy to grow and they don’t need much maintenance at all. Other plants are finicky and will wither up or dry out if it is too hot or too cold, or the soil is too moist. Basil, dill and cilantro are herb plants that are easy to grow and do well in a lot of climates.

Can you as a person do well when jobs are scarce and the employment environment becomes inhospitable? It is very important to try to do so.

Here are some suggestions to help:

  • Be open-minded about new opportunities
  • Show flexibility when you are given new work outside of your comfort zone
  • Consider less salary than you used to receive
  • Find ways to travel to new jobs or assignments
  • Update your computer and online group meeting skills
  • Work on side hustles or side gigs
  • Create a virtual assistant online business
  • Be willing to go where the jobs are
  • Consider doing the work at employers that are doing hiring

The world of work is undergoing massive structural changes due to the coronavirus epidemic. Millions of jobs that already have been lost may not return at all. New habits will take over in everyday lives that may limit future business activities in group settings.

For any of us to succeed in the new world, our careers have to be like hardy plants that grow in all kids of environments. We must be willing to adapt to new career environments in the post-pandemic future.

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