Bamboo Fight At the Japanese Garden

No time to give in to demands

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

“Give us your purse, lady."

It was very early on a quiet Sunday morning. Serena had slipped into the Japanese garden a little after 5:00 a.m., by entering into a hidden space in the fence.

Evidently she had been followed by three lanky punks in black shirts.

“We just want the cash," said the one with the crooked nose.

“You want to steal it from me?" asked Serena. She wasn’t in the mood for this nonsense.

The three moved in to surround her. Two went on one side of the little bridge, and one on to the other side.

“We’re gonna hurt you with pain,” threatened the one with big green eyes. He stepped into the bridge and then both of the others remained on each end.

The green-eyed thug grabbed Serena’s pink bag and she knew the fun was about to begin. She grabbed his shirt and flew herself and him over the side of the little walkway bridge.

Into the water they both splashed.

“Here’s some mud for your mouth," she said. “You like that?" She made sure to keep her purse out of the water and up in the air.

“I’ll teach her a lesson," said the third fool, who was missing one eyebrow.

He grabbed a bamboo stick and swung it at her. She felt the sting as it smacked her back.

“I like that," she said as she grabbed her own bamboo and blocked his next blow.

“Smack her!" yelled someone.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

She saw one of them pick up a little statue, so she spun left and it crashed into the face of the one in the water. He was knocked unconscious and fell into the watery path of a big orange koi fish who was not amused.

Serena, with her thin frame and jet black long hair, stepped into the wakking area.

“Read the sign," she said. “Stay on the path."

The lunatic who had thrown the statue came at her and grabbed her arm. She lifted him into the air and slammed him down hard.

“This path," she said as she pushed him hard into it like she would use a shovel. “Do you see it? Do you need to get closer?" She powerfully forced him down over and over again.

He passed out and then there was one left.

“You stupid, little,--” he started to say.

“Nobody calls me stupid or little," she interrupted as she blocked his punches.

He swung a hard right, so she hit him with a powerful left uppercut that knocked him senseless. He fell hard and a little sign that read “Be Kind" fell from a tree dropped onto his torso.

Serena composed herself. It was a good start to the morning. She liked visiting the Japanese garden.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

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