Be Like A Windmill, My Friend

Darrin Atkins
3 min readSep 15

Keep moving as much as possible as you make your way through life and the living of it

Photo by Glen Rushton on Unsplash

Every day during my drive through the neighborhood I see this tiny windmill in a neighbor’s yard. It is always spinning like crazy and it’s a great sight to see.

What’s so special about it? Well, it’s small but so exciting to watch, as it spins like nothing else even with just a little bit of wind in the air.

That got me thinking about life. I hear these sad, heartbreaking stories from people in my life and it weighs me down. But then I remember that I have my own life to live and I need to keep moving, keep pushing myself, and keep spinning like a little hyperkinetic windmill.

Photo by Yifu Wu on Unsplash

Keep Moving

Above all else, we have to keep moving in life, keep progressing towards one or more goals that we set for ourselves. We cannot be complacent about our life or position in the world. We can’t stop either, and give up on the future when there are so many opportunities on this planet.

There are so many wonderful positive chances that we are given, many of which we know nothing about because they haven’t happened yet.

Here are some ideas about the future and maybe they will happen to you or somebody you know:

  • You are gifted an inheritance or large sum of money
  • High school friends want you to work for their new company
  • You win the lottery
  • A new town is built nearby with unlimited job opportunities
  • You win an election
  • New inspiring people come into your life and lead you to greatness
  • You find out you have family you never heard of and you get along well with them
  • You land your dream job
  • Someone buys your life story and make it into a movie which becomes a huge blockbuster hit

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