Become A Pillar Of Strength And Success Will Find You

7 Steps to help you maximize career opportunities and promotions

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Success is never easy and requires a lot of hard work. There are lots of talented people in the world with great ideas that can change and improve the way we live, work, and play.

If you think that success is going to just fall in your lap, you need to think again. This world is about social Darwinism in that the fittest in society tend to survive. This applies to businesses and companies.

Think of some of the most successful companies in the world. What do they do?

Well, they probably save you lots of time, money, or both. A search engine that can help you find what you need in seconds is very useful. A computer software that can do complex accounting problems easily can save time and money.

You have got to think of yourself, your individual self, as a company or business. What do you offer that can save time or save money? What can do you to make money?

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

You need to be a pillar or tower of strength in order to make it in this world and be successful. You can certainly do well for yourself in other ways, of course, but the average person is going to need to be able to have strength or show strength.

What steps can you take to help you gain power and become a tower of strength?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Be valuable. How do you become valuable to a company? One way is being able to do a lot of things at that company and to have that knowledge intrinsic to the specific place.
  2. Be innovative. Do you do things the same old way or do you come up with ideas that save time and money for the company?
  3. Be multi-skilled. Some people are good at some things, while others are skilled at lots of things. Think about which type of person can be more successful.
  4. Be energetic. A high amount of energy and enthusiasm goes a long, long way at work.
  5. Be a connector. Be friendly and social and really get to know your co-workers. Be a real part of their lives.
  6. Be accomplishing things. It takes more than good attendance to succeed. Make sure you help get things done.
  7. Be a big fan. Take pride of your company, your industry, and your field of employment. Show genuine interest and improve your knowledge and skills.
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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

Becoming a tower or pillar of strength takes time and effort. Remember when you were really good at something? There were some things that helped you get there.

  • Passion. If you were good at a sport or hobby, you probably had a lot of passionate interest in it.
  • Interest. Yes, you need to have a high interest in something to help sustain your participation.
  • Opportunity. Sometimes just having a chance to do something is half the battle. If you lived close to sports facilities or dance studios, you had the opportunity to choose to participate. If there was support for new businesses in your town, you were given a chance.
  • Initiative. Some people have a built-in desire to try new things and they take the initiative.
  • Skill. Some have natural skill and others build their skills over time.
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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

Take time today and ponder your future. How do you see yourself? If you don’t like what you see, consider the tips in this article to help strengthen the business of you.

We need to keep working and striving for success. Let us help each other get stronger, faster, and better.

You are the future of yourself, but also at least part of the future of your family members. Your unit needs to be strong and have multiple pillars of strength to help all of you for well and succeed.

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