Best-Case Scenarios For Your Story Success As A Writer

Darrin Atkins
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

You can really achieve a lot of views and income when you stay positive and work hard

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Life is funny sometimes.

Now I don’t mean funny as in being humorous, because life can certainly make you laugh and giggle over all kinds of crazy situations.

I mean that life is funny because often it is the case that negativity prevents us from a lot of success in life.

For example, recently there was a big dunk contest during the NBA basketball celebration on national television and I watched it with my family. Surprisingly, there were very few competitors.

I asked my friends why it was the case that hardly anybody was participating in the dunk contest.

“Some players don’t do it because they might lose,” said one friend.

“They could get injured," added another.

“And some don’t want to look bad,” I contributed.

These are all valid reasons or concerns, but it takes out so many talented basketball players who just didn’t showcase their exceptional skills. They don’t participate and so there is no chance that they can win.

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Participation Matters

Your involvement as a writer really matters a lot. Your creative content and written work has a chance to be seen and read by others.

What if you just didn’t publish at all this week or during the entire month? The world would keep spinning, of course, but a lot of readers wouldn’t be able to read your work or get touched by your writing.

Best-Case Scenarios

My advice is to think positive about all of the best-case scenarios for your written work.

  • It can inspire others
  • You can improve others’ lives
  • It could lead to more ideas
  • You can make money
  • It can lead to positive change
  • You might be offered a job
  • You could gain more confidence



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