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If things are getting tight and it’s harder than ever to balance your budget, you might be wondering how you can save money and reduce expenses. There are things to can do to make your income go a long way.

We don’t know when the economy will go back to normal. Until then, we have to help each other and share what we have learned so far when it comes to spending and saving money.

What are bargains? Well, you can pay full price for something and you can pay less because of discounts or because the brand is not the same one seen in the television advertising. Bargains are what you get when you don’t have the pay as much as similar items on the shelf.

What are some examples of bargains?

  • Grocery items on lower or upper shelves. Have you ever noticed that items on grocery stores tend to have lower prices of they are near the top or bottom shelves, where you have to make an extra effort to get them? That is for a reason. The manufacturers often pay extra to have their products placed at eye level or hand level. You can save money by looking for lower prices on items not near the middle shelves.
  • Discounted racks. Does the shelf with discounts seem to be moved around every week? Take a minute to ask a worker where they are and you might save money on things you need by looking in that area.
  • Car buying. What is a bargain when it comes to buying or leasing a new vehicle? Well, getting a price below MSRP is just a start. You might be able to get an even better deal by buying a car that is new but is last year’s model that is still on the lot. And consider buying on a holiday weekend when there are big sales. Another idea is to buy when you have big leverage, during times when there are very few sales at all and both dealers and manufacturers want to have your business.
  • Home purchase. Are you thinking of buying a home when everyone else is buying, at a price you cannot afford? I hope not. Consider delaying your purchase until prices come down to the point where you can afford your monthly mortgage.
  • College costs. If the days of going to the university are fast approaching for you or your children, try not to panic or take out gigantic loans. There are plenty of free or affordable community colleges that are great places to earn credit before considering a transfer. Local college are great bargains and teach important skills that carry over in life.
  • Furniture. I hope those fancy ads don’t tempt you into splurging on a thousand-dollar couch. If so, stop watching those ads. You don’t need a fancy place for your butt to rest. You will probably live longer if you have an uncomfortable wooden chair that makes you get up every few minutes.

I hope you can use these tips. If they don’t work for you, ask some of your friends and relatives what they recommend.

You will be surprised to learn that other people have great ideas that you have not yet considered or thought about. Be open-minded to new ways of doing things and learn those skills. We will get through this.

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