Boost Your Medium Success With Some Weekly Columns

Darrin Atkins
2 min readDec 2, 2023

Pick fun topics and watch them succeed

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Have you thought about doing a weekly column on Medium? It might work to help you increase your views, engagement and income.

If you can find a topic that you really enjoy, then having a weekly column on that subject could be successful. I believe it is worth giving it a try.

One time I worked at a newspaper and some of the senior writers had weekly columns. They needed to write something to literally fill that newspaper column space every week.

Here are my observations:

  • Time went fast for these columnists because they were always thinking about their next column.
  • These writers also had to do other stories during the week.
  • Sometimes the column content didn’t work out for some reason. An editor might have canceled it because of political reasons or maybe sources couldn’t be reached.
  • Popular columnists would feel pressure to write something interesting and they felt this every single week.
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Here are some ways that you can do a weekly column on Medium:

  • Pick a day. This is not a real requirement, of course, but I think it helps for your planning. If you publish your column every Sunday, people will know and look for it on that day.
  • Choose a subject. What will be the content of your regular column? Some might choose politics, relationships, auto mechanics, cooking, or financial matters. Choose your favorite thing, of course.
  • Inform the world. Promising a column is one thing. Telling people about it means that you are serious. Well, make a decision and go for it right away.
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A weekly column might help you get organized. It can sharpen your focus. It can keep you energized and excited too. It could be a very good thing.

Plus, a weekly column sounds important. You can tell your friends and neighbors that they should read your latest column. Get people hooked on your content. Then, pretty soon, you might have more fans and followers than you can count.



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