Can You Do Gardening as a Side Hustle to Make Money?

How to convert your love for plants and flowers into a regular side gig for cash

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

Most people love plants and flowers, especially ones that they have grown and nurtured at their home. I know I love mine.

Maybe you love gardening and really care about plants, flowers and trees. That is great for the environment.

Have you ever thought about making money off your passion for gardening? It’s a great idea for anyone with or without a green thumb.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

I know that I personally want to do more in my garden. I want more flowers in the Spring. And I want more tree branches and high bushes for privacy. But often I do not have the time or energy to do the work.

I also care about the types of flowers, plants, trees, and bushes in my garden. I want to know more about them and their needs. For example, do I have some of them in the wrong place in the yard? I know I have two trees next to each other but I am not about to remove either of them.

I also have bamboo. I know it can be damaging to things if it grows too deep under other objects.

There are so many things to think about that I wish I had someone who could tell me about my plants and flowers, and who could tell me about their needs. I would also like this person to care for my yard when we go on vacation.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

Here are some of my ideas and suggestions on how you can turn you passion and knowledge of gardening into a regular side gig for extra cash and income.

  • Find out who cares about their garden. You can do this by just listening to friends and family, or just asking questions. A lot of people like to talk about their land or their gardening.
  • Ask questions to others. A lot of people, like me, love their plants and flowers but don’t know the scientific names. I sure would like to know more about my garden.
  • Ask to see photos. Show a genuine interest in what people are growing and what they are doing in their garden. I could talk on and on about the hummingbirds that I regularly encounter, or the tiny frogs I saw last year.
  • Start a little gardening side hustle. The first client is important and then go from there. Start with people who know you and trust you.
  • Know that what you provide is important. Often when people go on vacation, they want their garden taken care of, but they also want someone to check on their house and make sure that criminals don’t think the house is vacant.
  • Reminders. Remind your friends and neighbors what you offer, and reduce your fee if necessary. Some people may just want a short visit to water the garden. That’s fine. Start your client base wherever and whenever you can and grow from there.

These are just some tips I have if you are thinking of doing a side hustle or side gig. If you love caring for flowers, plants, trees and other things in gardens, this might be great for you.

For the client who pays for your service, they are also getting someone to visit your house and property to make sure everything is okay. This gives the client, the homeowner or renter, a sense of relief.

Thing about if this is something you want to do on the side for extra income. I know I sure would like someone to check in on my garden every once in a while when I am away on business or vacation. I bet there are thousands of people who also want to pay for something like this.

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