Cleanliness Is More Important Than Ever

Keep up the good work of disinfecting surfaces and washing hands and everything else

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It is very important to keep the focus on cleanliness. You probably hear it and see it in the news a lot. But it bears repeating that you can really help save lives by practicing good hygiene.

What are some things you can do on a regular basis to make sure that you and your body and home are clean? I have a few ideas.

  • Wash your hands with soap
  • Disinfect surfaces
  • Vacuum your house
  • Scrub and disinfect things that people touch on a regular basis
  • Try not to touch your face
  • Wash your sheets and bedding
  • Keep wearing masks and face shields, as appropriate

Keeping clean at home is very important for all of the people who live there. But you also need to remember a lot about the places you visit outside of your residence.

Be mindful about what you touch at the grocery store or restaurant. How many others have touched the menu or condiments? What about door handles and shopping carts? Always be thinking about where your hands are going and how you can stop then from touching things.

We can do this if we work together and support one another. Keep washing hands and doing cleaning and make them a part of your routine every hour of every day.

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