Comfort Food Ideas For You And Your Family To Help You Through The Day And The Evening

Yes, it is okay to treat yourself with wonderful meals and baked goods

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You may be at home all of the time these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have wonderful times with freshly cooked food and wonderful baked goods. We have the luxury of being able to spend extra time and energy on our meals.

Whereas before we would be pressed for time to cook something easy or quick, now for a while we don’t have those extra pressures. We can relax more when we cook and bake and have a good time doing it.

What are some easy things you can cook at home?

  • Soups, of all kinds
  • Chili and toppings
  • Eggs (fried, scrambled, poached, deviled, etc)
  • Potatoes (fried, baked, hashed)
  • Toast and sliced bread
  • Tacos and burritos
  • Baked or fried chicken
  • Tamales and enchiladas
  • Salads (with chicken or other extras)
  • Seafood meals
  • Pizza
  • Vegetarian or vegan meals
  • Asian noodles (Chinese food, etc)
  • Anything else…

There are millions of recipes online so make sure you are using the internet as a resource for you. Yes, you may be short of a few ingredients to make it perfect, because of the store closings, but find recipes that fit the items you have on hand. Think of yourself as being on one of those cooking shows for amateurs.

Another fun thing to do is baking and this is something for everyone. Baking fills the home with warm comfortable smells and it is great entertainment to watch things change shape in the oven.

What things can you bake?

  • Corn bread (my favorite)
  • Bread
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Lasagna
  • Fish and chips
  • Grilled vegetables

I am not a chef or cook so I will be using the internet for recipes as much as I can, and so I recommend this to others as well. Have a lot of fun with cooking and baking at home and make sure everyone is involved and can actively participate in the whole process.

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