Confidence Boosters To Help You Stay Upbeat

Remind yourself of your skills, talents, and abilities

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It is easy to get down on yourself when your job is gone and you can’t do much about getting a new one. The restrictions on movement can seem unfair, arbitrary, and senseless, and they seem to favor certain groups of people at the expense of others.

The first days or weeks of a shutdown might be tolerable. But if it stretches into months, that’s going to being about a sea of negative emotions, a tidal wave of self doubt, despair and helplessness.

You have got to be vigilant with nurturing and growing your positive emotions to help your mind and psyche with the onslaught of problems. There will be financial worries, relationship struggles, emotional swings, and seemingly insurmountable problems. You will need maximum amounts of good helpful emotions to withstand it all.

Here are some tips on boosting your confidence:

  • Read positive news. If you are out of work, read stories about which companies are hiring. You might be able to get temporary work while you wait for a your previous employer to hire again.
  • Learn a new skill. Have you always wanted to get your motorcycle driving license? Research the steps you need to accomplish that goal and get started on that.
  • Use your current skills. You may have a family member who needs electrical help. If you’re an electrician, you can use your skills and check in on your extended family at the same time.
  • Pinpoint your value. In times of crisis, millions of people lose work, but that doesn’t want they did not provide essential services before they were let go. Think back to what great services you provided to your company and that they hired you to do that work.
  • Be helpful. There is always value in productive, reliable people who show up to assist. While you may not be able to go to your normal destinations, there may be a weekend farmer’s market in your area that needs help.
  • Accomplish small goals. There are plenty of websites that provide free training in software or online programs. Sign up for one today and finish it, and then you have your certificate. Repeat this process often if you like.

Stand up strong these days and lean on others when you need it. Try to be excited about new days and the opportunities they bring, such as jobs and career opportunities. The worst will be over at some point and the economy will be back to normal.

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