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The world can be a challenging place. The nice thing to remember is that people can be really helpful to one another.

If you have ever struggled or had a difficult time, you may remember the individuals who reached out to assist. Those memories are powerful because it feels so wonderful to remember the goodness in people.

What about when you need help? Make sure to remember dinner important things.

  • Let people know about it. You will be surprised at how much people want to help if they can do so.
  • Be specific about the real need. Try not to ask for money or financial help. Friends and family often are more inclined to help if the need is specific, such as food they can provide or services such as babysitting.
  • Be thankful. If you receive any kind of assistance, make sure you acknowledge the sender or giver.

What about when others need help? Try to do what you can do help them, within reason of course.

  • Do what you can. Sometimes a little thing or offer of help can go a long way. The actual offering of specific assistance can really brighten someone’s day, regardless of the value of the offer.
  • Listen well. It can be the case that people don’t like to ask for help, so try to understand the intent of the request and understand the clues.
  • Keep it quiet. Remember not to spread the word that someone needs help or that you provided assistance, unless given permission to do so. This is because not everyone wants others to know their needs and concerns.

The connections in your life, such as friends and family, really do care about you. They want to help in times of need. Often people will think everything is great unless they hear something to the contrary.

Do what you can to help others and all of us will be strong and stay strong.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

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