As Lovely As The Morning Sunrise

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Photo by Gabriela Popa on Unsplash

If you need a reminder of the beauty in the world, consider spending time with a glorious flower. They won’t ask for much beyond sunlight, soil and water. And they bring so much joy to the world.

You can do so much with flowers:

  • Smell their wonderful scents
  • Admire them from afar
  • Take pictures of them
  • Grow more of them and different varieties
  • Plant them in rows
  • Place a bird bath near them
  • Put a bird house above them
  • Stop and stare
  • Take pictures and brag about them

Take care of them:

  • Make sure their soil is good
  • Create areas of sunlight for them
  • Give them adequate water
  • Watch them grow and thrive

Flowers are also good for inside the home. Consider these examples:

  • Cut flowers for inside a vase
  • Have something ready for a lover
  • Use the flower petals for placement on your pillows
  • Make potpourri all year long
  • Grow inside flowers

Ask your local home improvement store employees about which indoor or outdoor flowers are right for you and your needs. They might be able to give you advice so that you can have flowers bloom all year long.

Flowers are like little pockets of joy and happiness that are waiting for you. They grow more wonderful each day and look forward to your company. They listen to you and appreciate your time. They are some of the best things on the planet.

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