Do Grades Matter When So Many Are Receiving Credit/No Credit This Year?

The point of school is to try hard and do well, just like in life

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I’ve heard that a lot of schools and colleges have been giving grades as Pass or Fail instead of the traditional letter grades. This seems to have had an impact on morale in some parts of the country, as many thousands of students want to be recognized for their academic efforts.

I can see why teachers, professors and administrators might feel the need to implement a policy that courses will be graded only on a Pass or Fail basis. The world has changed tremendously because of the novel coronavirus. Students often cannot leave their homes, there is a lot of stress and worry, and people have legitimately immediate concerns about finances and housing.

The other side of the equation is that some students work a lot harder than others, and many students see that they should be recognized for their academic efforts. Receiving a grade of Pass is nowhere near as significant as a grade of A.

There has not been much discussion of this topic in the news lately, given a plethora of other urgent matters. But it is still a legitimate issue, one where some students will continue to work really hard at doing the best they can, while others will do close to the minimum required to pass the course.

Regardless of one’s opinion on this matter, it seems that students should still give the best effort that they can in every single class, in college and in elementary, middle and high schools. Life in general is about mastering many different things, from personal relations to parenting, sports, careers and having fun.

It makes sense that you should try your hardest and rise to the top of each and every class and course. If you are poor or rich, try and give your best effort whenever you can.

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