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If success is not coming your way, then you might not be doing enough work to achieve it. Results take time and effort and there needs to be the right mixture of both if you want a certain amount of success.

Sometimes you simply have to do more:

  • Work tirelessly
  • Put in quality time
  • Find effective use of your time
  • Work more hours than others
  • Work harder than others
  • Recruit great talent
  • Have a competitive mindset

A lot of great businesses and companies in the world are driven by people who are intensely competitive and want to win business. They will often do anything they can to get market share.

  • Better service
  • Faster delivery
  • Prompt customer service
  • Easier ordering
  • Easier returns
  • Wonderful websites

What are you willing to do to get ahead in business and accomplish great things? Think about how and when you are going to do more to achieve more. Then go and do it.

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