Don’t Waste Your Time

Darrin Atkins
2 min readJan 21, 2023

Get busy working on your future, get busy today

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It’s ticking fast

And then it’s going

To pass faster than you can think

In the blink of an eye

You won’t believe

How a month flew by

And then a year

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Time waits

For no one

So start getting busy

On the rest of your life

Isn’t there something

You always dreamed about?

Maybe a trip to an isle

A walk down the aisle

A reciprocated smile

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Buddy pal

I’m not trying to frighten you

But before you know it

You’ll be an old-timer

And the local kids

Will be running this place

If you don’t step up to the plate

And hit a home run

For your future self

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Time is yours

For the taking

So maybe once a week

Sleep a little less

and start planning your future

Or if not that

Start doing what you can

To be your own boss

No matter what it takes

And remember

My friend

Never ever give up

And I’m cheering for you

Every step of the way

Always and forever



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