Easy Tips To Make Easy Money In Places Other Than The Big Easy

Ideas to help you earn extra cash on the side to help the family budget

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Times are really tough for a lot of people these days. Unemployment is going up and available cash is going down. People are wondering where they will get money for basic things like food, gas, and utilities.

The world is filled with uncertainty. When your whole life is turned upside down in a hurry, it is hard to get your bearings in order to figure out your future. It is like a bad dream that doesn’t end even though you want to wake up.

But there is hope in this world. As long as you are resilient and have determination, you can still find a way to make it in this world. As long as you are willing to work hard, you still have a chance.

This day reminds me of my one visit to The Big Easy, good ol’ New Orleans, Louisiana, when I had two dollars to my name, and yet I still had a grand old time just walking around and stopping by the Mississippi River with my two friends. We had next to nothing but it didn’t matter one little bit.

Here are some ideas to make side money:

  • Travel Guide of Travel Assistant. If you have been anywhere in your lifetime and had a good time on your trip, you have the beginning of a way to make money. You might be able to make some side cash online by starting a little home-based travel adventure business where you give tips on what to do in this town, or this destination, or this amusement park. Set up a fee-based service and a little website or blog. Then ask for advice on how to make it better. I bet you know some tips or tricks that others don’t, and I’m sure others wouldn’t mind paying a little bit of money for that advice. It helps too if you live or work in a big city, because a lot of people probably want to go there. You’re the expert and you should get paid for your time.
  • Online Family History Researcher. Do you love genealogy and family history? I know I do. One time I found a bunch of old records and I paid for them, then when I told others in my family about them, well, they didn’t mind paying me a little bit for my time and the money I spent. Plus, it’s fairly easy to find out where distant relatives are buried in online cemetery records, so give that a try. Make a little pdf document to show off your work and I am sure others might be to have you do a project for them.
  • Unclaimed Property and Money. Do you know there is a website where you can look up if your government has money that is owed to you? I know I have searched my region before and found money that I was able to receive. You could also search for names of relatives and then maybe ask them to remember you if and when they complete the paperwork and receive their proceeds. Some people suggest a ten percent commission, but remember to be polite about it if that is what you want.
  • Automotive Repair. Are you a good mechanic and know the difference between an alternator, carburetor, and radiator? If so, you know more than a lot of others and you can use that knowledge. Family members and friends are likely to need a low-cost mechanic who does a good job. Make sure to be upfront about the amount you charge for service and the the costs for parts, as these fees can add it fast independent of each other.
  • Recycling For Cash. A lot of people don’t recycle cans and bottles like they used to because it can be hard to find a place that still accepts them. But if you know of a location in your area that does this, you might give it a try.
  • Rewards Programs. Do you ever shop anywhere? Well, I hope so because you probably need to do it at least some of the time. If so, check out if your store or website offers discounts or rewards programs. Always take advantage of these when you can, especially the ones that offer cashback. Make sure to read the fine print and try to avoid monthly or yearly fees. I saw one sign today that offered five percent back on every purchase so I am going to check into that one.
  • Online Marketer, Virtual Assistant, Digital Strategist. Are you or a family member really good with social networks and tend to get a lot of comments or likes when you post? If so, those skills can be put to work. You can teach others how you do what you do, and they are more likely to pay you because of how popular you care. You are living proof that you know what you are doing. If it’s the quality of pictures you post or the content itself, you are doing something right and you can leverage that into a career. Businesses live or die based on whether or not their marketing is successful. Remember this when you start your home-based marketing career and set your fees accordingly.

I hope you can use some of these suggestions for ways you can earn extra money. Remember to keep trying to find a full-time job as well, and stay focused on that as much as possible. Also, try to reduce expenses any way that you can and cut out unnecessary items.

We will get through this difficult time together. But we need to stay resilient in the face of adversity, stay strong in dark times, and stay confident every moment that we can. Life is going to throw a lot at us but I believe in the human race and in the power to overcome. I believe that all of us are going to make it.

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