Life is now like a television show that is off the air for a while

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When I was younger, I would watch television that aired on the big three TV networks and I ended up having favorite shows that I looked forward to every week. After a while, the network would start airing repeats of the show and I didn’t like that. Occasionally, one of my favorite shows would disappear altogether.

“What happened to my favorite Wednesday night program?" I would ask my mom.

“It’s on hiatus right now," she would reply.

“What does that mean?"

“It means that the television network has stopped airing any of the episodes and they haven’t decided if the show will have more episodes in the future.”

I was stunned. After all, how is that even possible? It’s one of my favorite shows and I need to know what happens after the episode I just watched. You can’t just stop a show like that and maybe not have another episode of it ever again. That is crazy.

That’s how I grew to dislike the word hiatus. It just bothered me so much. Television executives can cancel programs on their own and it feels wrong.

That’s how I feel about the world right now. It seems like we are all on hiatus with no idea if or when we will get back to the regularly scheduled programming of our lives.

Here are some examples:

  • The NBA basketball season stopped just after the all-star game. Now what? They’re not going to come back this season and there will not be any playoffs or a championship. It feels so weird.
  • Students will not be able to walk through on their graduation days and enjoy that experience. It’s like that part of their lives has been erased.
  • Children’s sports have been cancelled. How do I explain that we cannot join a local Little League team because it’s not allowed? Where did it go?
  • Movie theaters are empty. Totally empty. How did that happen and where do the movies go that were supposed to premiere each month?
  • Millions of people can’t go to work at all and their careers are on hold or permanently cancelled. That doesn’t feel right at all.
  • What about rent and car payments? I don’t get it. How can earning an income and supporting a family ever be put on hiatus? It seems wrong.
  • Going on vacation has stopped. What do you mean that nobody can travel or go to Disneyland? That can’t be on hiatus like everything else.

Sometimes I would get lucky. Fans of a television program would write millions of letters to the studio and then they would start making new episodes of my favorite program again. I would watch the episodes and all would be right again in the world. No more hiatus.

What about us these days in the world in which we live where almost everything is on hiatus and nobody knows if we will every get back to the normal programming of our lives?

Stay tuned, I guess. New episodes may or may not be in the way.

If you want, you can always participate in a letter writing campaign to the people who make such decisions. Tell them how passionate you are about future episodes of your life and how you really want them to help let others create more episodes. After all, your life’s show is not going to get cancelled. You are just on hiatus.

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