Find Out Who Is Hiring Right Now And Go Apply For That Job Today

Darrin Atkins
3 min readMar 16, 2020

Yes, companies are really hiring right now and they need workers

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If you suddenly found yourself unemployed due to the coronavirus, you need to start planning your new future. You might also be able to do this if your hours are dramatically reduced and you have lots of free time.

If you are still able to work and you want to be productive, make sure you start the process of applying for work where jobs are available. Do not delay and hope that the open positions will stay open.

How do you find companies that are hiring?

  • Read the news. I recently read in the news that supermarkets are hiring a lot of people because of a huge demand of online grocery orders for pickup or delivery. This makes sense, of course. If millions of people are not able to eat at restaurants, they are going to be cooking at home, and for that they need their groceries. Hundreds of thousands of people will not be able to leave their homes so they will need groceries or cooked food delivered to them.
  • Craigslist website. Yes, definitely check out this website for the region where you live. They have so many different job listings. Make sure to also review the job section labeled etcetera for side gigs, or simply type in keywords in the search box.
  • Indeed job website. This is another great website with lots of listings for positions.
  • Ask family members. Some of my family members are working up to six or seven days a week and they are making good money. You should call or message any and all of your members to see if there is any work available and how you can apply.
  • Government Jobs Development office. Your local city or county probably has an unemployment office, or it may be named something like employment development center.
  • LinkedIn. Hopefully you already have a profile on LinkedIn but if not then you should create one right away. You can also search their listings for open positions.
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You have got to stay strong, positive, and confident. Yes, you may be experiencing lots of stress and worry. But you can do something about it. You can do lots of things about it.

There is also work you can do from home. There are work-from-home positions and many people are successful in these roles. You can be a writer or reporter. You can build things or repair things. You just have to wake up every morning with a can-do attitude and a commitment to making the best of your particular circumstances.

We will get through this together but we can’t let these changes define us. We must rise up and show each other and the world what we can do when we are punched hard and it seems like we are down for the count. We are going to stand up, look our adversary in the eye, and keep fighting the good fight.



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