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If you have ever found yourself struggling to do something that you are not good at, you may not have been successful with that task. Yet many people persist over and over.

Why is that? Why do we keep trying to do something where we don’t have the best skills that match ?

There are a number of reasons why this happens. Some people just want to get better and that is fine that they keep trying to improve at a particular skill. For others, there is the persistence that happens but it may be for the wrong reason.

Imagine you have a hammer. But the project you have requires a ruler. You could use the hammer to measure but it is not the best tool for that purpose.

What skills do you have? People have a large range of abilities, talents and skills. The first step is identifying what you do best. You can create a list of your best skills and see how those skills can help you in life.

If you are good at patience, you might be able to use that skill best in certain endeavors. One example would be the stock market where you can buy and hold stocks for a long time.

If you are good at finding information, you might be able to apply that skill as a researcher or librarian. That skill could be helpful in a school environment or at a university.

If you are personable and like to engage with others, you might consider a career where you interact with the public. You could also do work in broadcasting.

You are a person who already has certain skills. Sometimes it helps to use those skills and narrow your focus on tasks and positions where you can utilize those talents.

You can still do other things and improve in other areas. Just remember what you are good at doing and remind yourself of your skills. Find opportunities that match the skill set that you already have.

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