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Darrin Atkins
2 min readDec 30, 2022

More ways to get quick cash sooner for yourself

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This world revolves around money.

That’s the truth, right?

There is no way around it.

I know, because I’ve been on this planet long enough to know that cash is king and you need more of it to make it in this world.

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But what if you need money faster than the path you are on right now?

Well, inflation doesn’t seem to be going away at all. That’s the truth. So here are some ideas to get you going on the path to making more money.

Side Gig Ideas

  • Weekend work. There are lots of companies looking for help on the weekends. After all, who wants to work on Saturday and Sunday?
  • Restaurant jobs. Have you ever waited in line at a restaurant or fast food place? The line takes so long. That’s because they need more workers. I’m sure they are happy to have more applicants.
  • Focus Groups. How would you like an easy hundred bucks? Well, search for focus group sessions in your city and sign up. If you are selected, you could get some cash real fast.

Banking Ideas

  • Bank bonuses. Some banks or financial institutions give a cash bonus if you sign up a new account and do their requirements. Consider the pros and cons. If it works, you could get some easy money fast.
  • Cashback. How about getting money back on every purchase with a credit card? This might work, but don’t go overboard. Try to only buy things you would have purchased anyway.

Everyday Savings

  • Discounts. Make sure to always look to bargains every time you shop.
  • Best deals. Are you getting the best deal when you shop or ask for a reservation? If not, call customer service and ask for a better deal.
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The world is not going to just hand you easy money. You need to go work at it and keep trying every day to make more money and save a lot of it.

Ask your friends and neighbors for ideas. You will be surprised at how others make extra cash on the side. Keep saving and working hard at it.



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