Fun Homemade DIY Costume Outfit Ideas To Do With Kids In Your Downtime

Keep busy with do-it-yourself craft projects and costume fun

If you have a lot of extra time at home, you may be thinking of ways to keep busy and have fun. You will need to fill up the day with things that go beyond internet asks and tablet work.

Why can you and your children do that is fun, interesting, creative, low in cost, and keeps building skills? The answer is to make fun homemade do-it-yourself costumes and outfits from household items.

What things do you need to make DIY costumes and outfits? Here are my suggested items:

  • Scissors
  • Tape, glue, staples, and strong
  • Old clothes
  • Cardboard
  • Crayons,markers, and color pencils
  • A phone camera, if you want to share your projects

What kind of costumes can you make and what can they get used for?

  • Educational purposes. If you are at home and studying is part of your day, spend time making costumes related to historical time periods. The kids can even wear the costumes and record video if saying lines like in a play. This can be so much fun.
  • Holiday purposes. Yes, homemade costumes can work well for Halloween or other holidays. From simple ghost or princess outfit projects to more elaborate costumes, your only limit is your imagination.
  • Super hero costumes. Kids love superheroes and I am sure they will get excited about making outfits at home that relate to Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or other comic book heroes. Plus, make sure you take videos or pictures of your work.

How do you start the process of making costumes projects at home?

  • Start gathering up your suppkyes
  • Draw out your costume ideas and colors on paper
  • Measure what you need
  • Cut carefully and assemble

There are plenty of fun ideas for homemade costumes projects ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

  • A Thor costume. For the hammer, you can cut out cardboard for the handle and use a small box for the other end.
  • Princess or Queen. There is no age limit for a beautiful princess outfit, but a queen costume can work for older girls. The crown will be a great addition.
  • Astronaut. Both genders can get excited about an astronaut costume. Even more fun will be building the rocketship or spaceship. Then, make an exciting video of it all and try to incorporate it into the school studies.

We all need to keep busy at home when the schools are closed. The children want interesting things to do. Give them choices in these projects so they can be active participants. Have a lot of fun with this and save a lot of money too

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