Fun Side Hustle Ideas And Side Gig Jobs For Easy Money

Earn cash and stay busy during your down time, and the side work could lead to something big in the future

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The world of work is changing lightning fast. Sure, there are still lots of full-time jobs, but the number of part-time positions is increasing rapidly.

I have relatives in other countries and they’ve told me how things are so different now. In some countries the majority of positions are on a contract basis, or are temporary, or are based on performance. There does not seem to be much permanence any more when it comes to employment.

How did we get here as a planet, to the point where there are not enough full-time jobs with big benefits? Well, that’s a long answer, but this is where we are.

Hundreds of millions of people are job insecure, are worried about making ends meet, and often think about how to pay the bills.

What can an average person do to help themselves? I have a few side gig and work-from-home suggestions for you and hopefully one or more can resonate and make a difference.

I can’t say for sure that these are available in your area,but give them a try. Find something that fits for you and your family.

One common theme in these side hustle ideas is that they require work and dedication. You can’t expect money to fall into your lap. You have to do more and work harder than the next person, and then you have to keep at it.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

  1. Virtual Assistant. One position I see a lot of openings for is that of a virtual assistant. What is that? Well, like it sounds, the virtual assistant helps people with their virtual tasks. Let’s say you want your Twitter or LinkedIn profile to be successful but you don’t have the time or energy to do it. You might have a website that needs updating. If so, a virtual assistant might be able to help you with these tasks so you can focus your time on other projects.
  2. Social Media Influencer. We hear a lot about how influencers are getting paid to mention a company or give a shout-out to a brand. Wouldn’t that be a great sure hustle? Well, if you are good online and have thousands of followers, then this might work for you. Not everyone is popular enough to become an influencer, so the first step can be to become a micro-influencer.
  3. Focus Group Participant. This is one of the easiest ways in the world to make quick money. Head over to Craigslist and search your local city for the job topic of focus groups. You might first have to answer a survey or questions during a phone call. But if you are selected, you can go together with others to give your opinion and be rewarded with money.
  4. Ghostwriter. A lot of people don’t have time to write books or social media posts so they hire a ghostwriter. If you are good at this kind of work, you might get referrals to others for similar jobs. It sounds fun to me.
  5. Personal Assistant. This is kind of like the role of virtual assistant, but a personal assistant is like an administrative assistant or secretary. Wealthy families often hire assistants for their families and some of these jobs pay very well. You might be able to find these roles as either full time or part time, temporary or permanent.
  6. Car Driver. Yes, this is huge now. Millions of people work as drivers for Uber, Lyft, and other similar companies. If you don’t want to put a lot of miles on your car, you could drive for just a few hours a week. There is a lot of flexibility in being a driver and to me it looks like a lot of fun.
  7. Package Deliverer. People do a lot of shopping online these days and that means millions of packages need to be delivered. Some people know their neighborhoods well and this job works great for them.
  8. Survey Participant. I have done surveys at home before and gotten paid for them. Some surveys may ask a lot of personal questions so if you don’t want to do certain surveys you can just skip those and do others that you like more.
  9. Local Guide. Are you going on a trip with your group to a big city and are worried about so many things concerning the vacation? If so, you might consider hiring a local guide for that town. There are many things that the local guide might know that can help reduce your stress.
  10. Pet Sitter. There are millions of pets out there and millions of people who care a lot about their canine or feline companions. If you love animals, this might work well for you. It may not be easy or glamorous, but you can get paid and have a regular source of fun.
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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

These are just a few ideas that I have about side hustle work, side gig jobs, and working from home. A lot of people do these things every month and it is a part of their regular income.

The days of super low unemployment will not last forever and then things will start to get very difficult in a lot of ways. Now is the time to start preparing your backup plans in case money is low or jobs are scarce.

Make sure you are using social media and promoting yourself. Be out there online and stay connected. It’s very important to be reaching out and connecting with others.

We can do this together. Make sure you are encouraging each other and staying positive. I know we are going to make it and success is the name of the game.

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