Fun Things To Do On A Walk

Make sure you get your exercise and fresh air on a regular basis

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Our leaders may not be letting us go to work or school, but it appears to be okay to get some exercise, so long as we continue to practice social distancing. With that in mind, we need to make sure that walking, jogging, or running is part of our daily routine.

Getting out of the house is important. We may be limited by geography and quantity of people, but we don’t have to let that restrain us entirely. Assuming the weather is good and our bodies are healthy enough, we’ve got to get out on a regular basis.

What can walking or getting outside do that is beneficial?

  • Regular exercise is good for the mind and body
  • Getting outside can get you some free Vitamin D
  • You can see your friends and neighbors, even if you can’t get too close
  • Roses and flowers may be blooming
  • Birds, beautiful birds, may be flying around
  • Squirrels and chipmunks may be looking for food
  • Go early and you can see the sunrise
  • Go late and you can see the sunset
  • You might find some coins on the sidewalk
  • There could be a sign about a missing pet and you might see that pet another time or another day
  • A new cupcake shop or bakery could have opened up
  • A house of worship may have posted some special events
  • New trees may have been planted
  • A boat may sail by at the marina
  • You might catch some lovely romantic rain
  • Somebody might play some music nearby that reminds you of a special time in your life

We know that physical activity is important and so we know we have to keep doing that. Now more than ever before, we have got to make sure that exercise is something we pencil into our schedules. We cannot stay indoors too much.

Yes, we have to be mindful about congregating with others, we have to obey the government rules and orders, and we have to know when it is or is not appropriate to go outside and exercise. But it is so important to get out, to work in the garden, to do this or that in the yard, to stroll to the mailbox, to wave to the neighbors, and to stay a crucial part of the community and the world.

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