Fun Ways To Write More When Your Days Are Crazy

Darrin Atkins
3 min readFeb 23, 2024

Squeeze in writing time every chance you get

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You’ve got things to do.

There is so much happening these days. There are meals to prepare. There are bills to pay and finances to worry about. There are kids and their activities. And there are holidays and vacations to plan.

When is there time for writing?

That, my friend, is an important question. It’s very important for each person to be able to find time to write or create content.

Even with crazy difficult schedules and a lot to think about, there are plenty of writers who make time for the craft. They find at least a few minutes a day to commit to the task of writing something.

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Fun Ways To Write

Like many things in life, you are more likely to do something if it is fun or enjoyable. If you are not having fun, you can bet that your readers or viewers can pick up on that fact.

Here are some ways to make writing fun:

  • Favorite topics. Find something that you love and write about it. One idea is you write about your favorite place on the planet and your memories of your time there.
  • Emotional subjects. It may not be fun, but your emotions are powerful forces that can give you a burst of energy. Positive emotions can feel fun so use them every chance you get.
  • Happy fun times. Have you ever had a really good time? I do enjoy spending time on warm sandy beaches with a whole day of nothing waiting for me. That is definitely my idea of a great day.
  • Competition. Well, competing against others is something that is fun for a lot of people. Try to focus on quality. After all, there is always a need for exceptionally good writing content.
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Finding The Time

How can anyone find time to write when everybody is so busy?

People fill up their day with all kinds of things. Writers can always find a few minutes for their work.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pick a quiet time at night
  • Find a few moments at lunch
  • Grab some minutes throughout the day
  • Just sit down and think of ideas

Give yourself the time to write and soon it will become part of your daily routine. Pretty soon the writing process will insert itself throughout your day and you will find yourself having fun with the tasks of creating content and writing stories.



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