Fun Writing Ideas That Help For The New Year

You can have a good time writing

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Writing can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work, if it is something that you do to make a living or to earn extra cash.

There are ways to make the task of writing more enjoyable. As you know, something that is fun is something you want to do more often. The trick is to find little ways to make the task of writing more like a vacation than a vocation.

Here are some ideas to consider when you start to think about your next writing project. Remember to make your time spent as a writer as fun and relaxing as possible, because this joy can often be seen or not seen in your finished work.

Artwork and photography is essential for the articles and stories that you write for newspapers or online media publications. People love to look at images and photos and they really do act as a way to pull in the viewer or reader so they can enjoy your written work.

But what kind of photographs or images work well? That is something to consider every day.

  • Use images with permission
  • If in doubt, clearly indicate your source
  • Find images that pop
  • Use photos or artwork that relate to what you are writing about

It is also fun and enjoyable for you to use your own photographic work. Nearly everyone has a camera phone that can easily take photos of high quality. You can use those.

Take the time to be your own photographer. It makes things more fun and personal in the writing process. When you have your own images in your story or article, there is a stronger connection to what you are doing.

The great thing about using your own photos and images is that your readers will see that you are doing this and they will appreciate it. Many writers use the beautiful photo resources that are available to them and that is good, but it is so much more wonderful to see images and artwork that have never been seen or used before.

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It is also important to remember to write about interesting and relevant topics. That is a wide range, of course, and you should never feel that you are limited in any way. Here are some ideas.

  • News anniversary. Is an upcoming date a time to remember something that happened in the past? Consider something significant that happened in the past that you can write about. It could be a 25-year or 50-year milestone for a big news event. People like reading about big events in history.
  • Holidays. Is there a cultural holiday coming up and you have something personal related to it or a strong connection? That passion or interest can help you write something wonderful.
  • Your region. Is there something happening in your neck of the woods? You can bet that there are others who want to read about it. Even things like a traveling circus can be quite fun for readers, especially because many cities and towns don’t get to experience them.

If you have days when you don’t feel like writing, that is perfectly fine. It is often a good idea to take a break and give yourself some breathing room.

I have worked at newspapers and magazines before and there is always a deadline for an article or column coming up and that is a lot of pressure. It is hard to be creative on a regular basis and have something to say that is unique and interesting.

Above all else, just be yourself as a writer. Write what you know. Speak from the heart and be creative and original.

Lastly, remember to engage with and connect to your fans. They will keep you motivated and will teach you which topics resonate and which ones do not.

Be great out there. And just be you.

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