Gardening Tips For Families In The Springtime

The garden needs work and people need something to do

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A lot of people have extra time on their hands these days while at home. That’s a bit of in understatement, I’m sure, due to everything that’s going on in the world.

In addition, parents and children are likely to be looking for something to do out of the house. Well, if you have a yard, garden, or dirt area around back, then you have a place for gardening fun.

What can you do in a garden?

  • Plant flowers
  • Grow roses
  • Make vegetable rows
  • Pick fruit
  • Build a birdhouse
  • Create spaces for ivy to grow
  • Rake the leaves
  • Make planter boxes
  • Pull weeds
  • Grow succulents
  • Make a birdbath
  • Put out seeds for birds
  • Set up a bird cam

How do you get everyone involved and motivated?

  • Give each person choices of things to do
  • Show them their progress
  • Help them see the value of it
  • Make it a fun learning experience
  • Keep track of the birds

What are things to keep in mind when gardening?

  • Wear hats
  • Use sunscreen
  • Drink water
  • Watch for pollen
  • Be careful around rose thorns
  • Keep water from getting on wooden fences
  • Relax and don’t rush

Gardening in the springtime can be great fun for adults and children. Attitude and individual motivation is important so let others pick some things they want to do. Have a good time in the yard or garden and your garden should bloom with colors and beauty.

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