Growing Up Reading Newspapers And Books

Life is full of memories

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I miss the morning newspaper that would get delivered. I know that it’s a relic of the past, but I remember what it was like.

Every morning when I was young my mom would say, “Would you be a good boy and get the paper for me?"

And then off I would go in search of it. I would check the driveway first, and it was there a lot, but when it wasn’t I would have to keep looking. Maybe it was in the bushes or down by the mailbox, or over in the grass.

Some days it was raining so the newspaper was in a big wet bag with rubber bands to seal it.

“Some of it got wet,” I said as I took it out of the bag in the kitchen.

“That’s okay," said my mom. “We can warm it by the fire."

I must’ve gotten the paper thousands of times while growing up. But that’s all gone now in most parts of the country.

News travels instantly on the internet so that means a physical newspaper gets outdated pretty fast. I still miss the morning paper and I often wish I could go back to the simple job I had of going to find the morning paper.

I miss buying books at garage sales. There were so many books we could buy cheap back then, and there was so much variety.

We went to a lot of yard sales when I was a kid. We did it to have something to do and maybe find a bargain.

“Go look for some books," my dad would say.

Often the books would be for sale at only five cents each. I would find all kinds of them, from adventure to science, and from textbooks to comic books.

I miss the days when you can go to a sale and see all kinds of books and the price would be so low that you could buy dozens of books and have enough reading material until the next weekend came around. Yes, there are libraries too, but it’s different when you own the books and can just give them away to any friends or family members who might want them.

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