Have You Lost Your Way?

10 ways to get back on the right track and stay there

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The world is a challenging place. Even if things are going well today, they can change for the worse tomorrow. You are not always guaranteed a blissful time of cherry blossoms, yummy cake, and colorful rainbows.

But what happens when you lose your way and start to get down and out, or realize that you’re going down the wrong path? There are things you can do to get through your tough times.

Here are my ideas on what you can do to keep the faith, survive, and then thrive:

  1. Remember that you are loved and that people want you around. This step is so important and you must do this every day. If necessary, say it out loud.
  2. Find ways to make money. You have to go do this every day. If you’re struggling with unemployment, find other ways to earn cash or gift cards or anything of value.
  3. Cut expenses fast. There are so many ways to cut costs and expenses, and so many things you can do without. I love simple things like cereal or buttered toast, and these are not expensive.
  4. Call and talk to family. Texting is not the same as calling. Spend some time in real conversation and it can help you in so many ways.
  5. Focus on your skills and abilities. It’s easy to get down on yourself, but don’t allow it to happen. Think back on all your years of being a productive employee and on how you can keep being that person.
  6. Start focusing on backup plans. Let’s say you sense big unwelcome changes in your future. I know people who bought a small camper and moved into an affordable trailer park. They seem happier now than lots of other people that I know.
  7. Believe in yourself. You cannot let those negative thoughts get inside your head. Believe that you have a great future.
  8. Offer help. Be helpful around your house and be productive with chores, cleaning, cooking, cutting coupons, budgeting, and do forth.
  9. Stay positive. Keep saying positive things and reminding yourself of your goodness and your abilities.
  10. Go to church. Some people are not really religious and you don’t have to be at a lot of churches. Find a church that welcomes new members and go there and introduce yourself. There are lots of really wonderful, kind, and friendly people at churches and other places of worship.

Hard times will come and they’re going to test you and your family. You need to wake up each day with energy and strength. Be strong, find work, make money, and do it again.

You can do this, so don’t give up or give in to fear. Show strength every day of the year. Survive and thrive.

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